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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

7 Ways to Optimize Your Site for the Search Engines by Online Internet Business

Would you love to know the secrets of search engine optimisation? Here?s a seven step guide to improving your ranking in the search engines.

Make sure you do research on your keywords using Overture and Wordtracker. Once you have your list of keywords, then you are ready to optimise your website. I say keywords as, with increasing competition on the internet, you are more likely to have success with keyword phrases or a group of keywords, than with just one keyword.

There are just seven easy steps:-

1. Name your site appropriately ? if your site is about dog food, then include the words ?dog food? in the site title

2. Ensure that your keywords are included in the page name

3. Add a Header tag using H1 tags

4. Use your keyword in the first line & last line of your content

5. Add an Alt Tag to your pictures which includes a description of the picture and includes your keyword

6. Ensure that your keyword is included in the outbound links from your site, an easy way to do this is to link the page back to itself.

7. Sprinkle your keyword a couple more times throughout your text, try and have at least 250 words on the page

If you include most of these on each of your pages, you?ll find that you should move up in the search engine rankings over time.

All of these methods are what is called ?on page? optimisation. You can also optimise off page by building links to your web pages, using one of the many link swapping sites available. Another great way of creating links to your site, is by writing and submitting articles to sites such as Ezine ensuring that a link to your own site is entered in the Resource Box.

You may not see immediate results from your efforts, but with patience you will find that you see more visitors coming to your site as your rankings in the search engines improve.

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