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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, March 10, 2008

10 Killer Secrets For Making Your Customers Respond To Your Email by Online Internet Business

1. Get Permission. Use web page sign up forms or post card return cards, but get permission in a valid way. Create and offer incentives for people to sign up online to receive value-added information.

2. Target carefully and make it relevant. Send only relevant email to opt-in subscribers. Develop and give people what they wanted and what you promised. Don't send email that is outside the scope of what was promised to people who opted in. Target and segment your subscriber base and tailor your messages to specific demographic characteristics.

3. Your Subject Line is Critical. Don't make it look or sound like spam. The purpose of the subject line is NOT to sell, but just to get people to open the email, that's it! Be careful of the words you select. Check your email against a spam checker to see that it doesn't contain words that will automatically result in deletion.

4. Use your personality. Talk in the first person. Develop your persona as a friend or as an expert. Define your persona based on your customers' needs and desires and based on professional behaviors.

5. Don't sell. Advise, advise, advise. Offer value-added problem solving information, advice, tools and help. Use email to get people to use your email as a reason to call you or visit your web site. Offer people more of what they like to build and your personal relationship and their satisfaction and your personal connection with your customer.

6. Create a single, clear and benefit laden call for action. Focus on getting people to take one action. Don't offer more than one action. Identify the action clearly and persuasively and track the results. Get them to click and go to a relevant landing page to net them to take further action.

7. Create a life-cycle campaign. Design a program that results in you sending out four to six messages over a six to eight week period. These recurring campaigns can be created in advance and operated in a totally automated fashion.

8. Use triggered email. Design and set up automated email campaigns so that when clients order product or sign up for items or request information online, that a suite of email messages are then sent to them periodically automatically.

9. Use email to get them to Click! Keep the email short - no more than 3 or 4 pages. Relate first paragraph to subject line. Drive people to a web page and then close the sale, don't try to close the sale with an email. Don't mention price or cost in email. The purpose of the email is to PRE-SELL, not to sell. Again, it's to get them CLICK, then go to your web page. Then you can do the selling there.

10. Comply with CAN-SPAM Act requirements. Send from a valid address. Respect all remove requests promptly. Never send a second email to someone who has requested removal.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Differences between Affiliate Program Directories and Review Sites

So, you have decided to take the plunge and create a website that earns money through affiliate programs. Congratulations! While you are planning to start earning money online with affiliate programs, you probably do not know the types of affiliate programs that are available.

What?s the next step? The next step is to locate reputable, reliable, and high commission programs that match your website?s subject matter. Your first stop might be an Affiliate Directory. Choosing the right affiliate program is very important to your beginning success as an affiliate marketer.

What is an Affiliate Directory? An affiliate website directory is a website created by an expert affiliate marketer (sometimes) who generally has signed up with all kinds of affiliate programs and lists them on a website by category and type. Here you can find some basic information that will set you off on the right foot to start an affiliate program. The directory can help you find all kinds of affiliate programs to earn money from your website.

A quick note no single directory has a listing of ALL the affiliate programs. So make a point to visit several and subscribe to your favorites. Unlike many directories, is geared towards finding and locating only the best payouts, from reliable affiliate programs to help you focus on the best programs for your topic.

What is an Affiliate Program Review? An affiliate program review is usually conducted by someone who has deep experience in the affiliate field and can provide objective, honest reviews about the quality of the program. A review will typically include average amount of payout reported by the program owner, commission structure, and an analysis of the tools provided by the program to help you track your sales.

For you to achieve any success with affiliate programs, you will need to choose an affiliate program that has an exceptional product or service, a generous commission, and necessary support and a website that will make it easy for you to make sales.

What is the Difference? A directory is really a collection of different types affiliate programs. They provide you with basic information, a link to sign up for the program, and a basic understanding of commission structures.

An affiliate program review website that also provides directory services handles a great deal of the leg work for you. Best of Affiliates can help you find a whole list of affiliate programs to choose from, because the affiliate programs are all listed on one site.

A review site digs deeper into affiliate programs than a directory tends to do. An affiliate review website will review all programs, but make recommendations on programs that pass their stringent guidelines. Although many review sites will still provide affiliate links to other programs, they do caution you if the product is less than idea for a beginner or for someone who needs in-depth reporting tools

A directory has literally thousands of programs and this easily becomes overwhelming for a beginning affiliate marketer. Which program should you choose? Where do you begin? How do you really know which program is premium, which is really going to cost you time and effort?

Only a few affiliate program directories list programs with the best and most-rewarding commission structure. Affiliate program reviews make this easier for you by highlighting the tough spots, and heavily promoting the top notch programs. Some review sites, like Best of Affiliates will only list top rated affiliate programs, and alert you immediately via their newsletters, or discussion groups about rising program stars, or others that may be scams in disguise.

Some affiliate program directories offers free resources, tools, tutorials, e-zine and courses. Keep an eye on some of these ?free? resources, as they could be varnishing the truth, especially if the ?free? resource ends up asking for money later on to download the ?complete? article or e-book.

If you are striving to become successful with affiliate programs, you should be well educated about how to succeed as an affiliate, and you need access to various marketing tools that can help you make sales. Best of Affiliates provides useful information and resources for its readers which you will help you earn high affiliate commissions.

Affiliates fail and give up for one main reason: they haven?t learned how to make money with their chosen programs. Best of Affiliates has created a list service that you can join and learn from other successful affiliates, and get any help or support you need from other affiliates.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Why It Works by Online Internet Business

There is no denying the fact that Affiliate Marketing is very popular right now. The main reason for its popularity is simple: it benefits both the merchant (the supplier of the product or service) and the marketer (the person promoting the product or service) in many ways. Presented below are two short lists of several benefits enjoyed by both merchant & marketer, respectively.

Benefits for the Merchant:

1. Instead of a sales force of one or two people, by using Affiliate Marketing a merchant can have a sales force of thousands or more. Their products will be seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors instead of only those that they alone would be able to promote their product to.

2. The merchant does not have to worry about hiring, firing and all the other tedious tasks that come along with having employees in a business. Software programs can run the affiliate program and do much of the mundane work.

3. Affiliate Marketing allows the merchant to get exposure for his product without incurring a huge expense. Many affiliate programs pay the marketer a percentage of the products sale price. Utilizing this type of program, the merchant wouldn?t pay anything to the marketer unless his product actually sells.

4. The advertising costs for the merchant are minimal compared to the aspect of the merchant doing all the promoting themselves.

Benefits for the Marketer:

1. Most affiliate programs are free to join. You can join numerous programs and have a myriad of products available to promote, depending on your situation.

2. Your overhead should be low. You don?t have to buy the products up front. Your job is to get people to visit the merchant. When the visitor makes a purchase, the merchant handles the transaction and the shipping of the product as well as any refunds that may be required.

3. There is no need to hire employees. You can promote many different affiliate programs from one website. This makes it an ideal way for a person to earn some extra income without a lot of work being involved.

4. Since the merchant handles the transaction, there is normally no customer interaction needed. Of course you may get the odd email asking questions about the product, but under most circumstances there is no need for interaction between you and a potential buyer.

5. You have the option of changing products/programs as you see fit for your particular site or situation. This wouldn?t necessarily be the case if you were promoting your own products. If a certain product is not selling, you can easily exchange it for another, or perhaps even decide to stop promoting it altogether.

In Conclusion:

Affiliate Marketing works because it benefits both the merchant and the marketer. Each party benefits from the program in several distinct ways, thereby making Affiliate Marketing a wise and cost efficient way to sell products or services.

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