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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Building Search Engine Trust - by Online Internet Business

We’re all chasing that elusive search engine traffic. Quality links to your site, increase it’s ranking in the search engines which, in turn, brings an increase in traffic.

Quality links are so valuable that many people are happy to pay for one-way links to their site. Just one submission alone can set you back around $50.

So, what do you do if you haven’t got that kind of money? Is there a way of getting quality links from high page ranks sites to your website?

There’s two ways of getting really good one way links to your site – and if you’ve done the groundwork to write one article, it’s probably not too hard to write another couple of articles along the same theme. That way you’ll end up with two or three articles that you can use to create links back to your site.

Choose Your Article Directory Carefully

I’ve found that it pays to do some research before submitting articles – and to find article directories that have a close fit with your website.

For example, if your site is about cancer, it’s not going to help much submitting it under a general “health” category. You’ll do far better finding sites which have a high PR page for their Cancer articles and submitting just one article to each of those.

Digging For Related Sites

It may take a little time, but it will be well worth the research. Spend an hour or two finding related sites that are actively asking for article submissions.

Simply by typing “submit article NICHE” where niche is your area of interest you’ll come across a number of sites who are seeking articles related to your niche. Don’t just view the first few sites, but scroll through the first three or four pages of results. Visit the sites and make a note of their web address and the kind of content that they’re looking for.

Now you’re in a position to submit articles to them – or to commission articles for them – and hence gain highly related one way links back to your site.

The Way Forward

Admittedly, this approach takes rather more time. However, once you’ve done the research you’ll have a list of sites ready to accept your highly related articles.

Submitting unique articles to each site is well worth it, as they’ll be found and indexed by the search engines and you’ll have one more valuable link back to your site.

Keep writing and adding articles – whether it’s once a month, once a week or once a day – you’ll gradually build up valuable links back to your site.

When you get increasing numbers of emails from webmasters anxious to exchange links with you, why not exchange articles instead and benefit from fresh content and links.

You’ll gradually see an increase in traffic to your site as a result over the next few months. Remember, the links from those sites are going to keep bringing you quality traffic for years, so it’s a valuable investment of your time and effort.

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