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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How Search Engines Work or How to Get to the Top Search Engine Ranking?

These two questions are actually the same, because if one understands how search engines work, he will probably be able to get a site to the top search engines ranking. Think about it.

Unfortunately, the answer is a complicated, dynamic and a secret one. The answer has to do with SEO – Search engines optimization. In fact, very few SEO experts, SEO consultants, SEO software and SEO companies can actually give you a perfect SEO solution.

In the next few lines I will simplify how search engines work. To understand more you must contact and pay to a SEO consultant working with a popular SEO service:

1. The search engines visit your site occasionally and index new topics on your site.

2. The search engines measure the quality and popularity of your site by the number and types of links to your site by other website.

3. According to the site topics, quality and popularity and many other parameters the search engine rank the site for each keyword searched.

Now, I guess you have a website or developing one and you want to get it to the top search engine rankings. Well, If you have money I suggest you pay to an experienced SEO consultant working for one of the top SEO companies. Yet, if you do not have money, you can try doing it alone. But, be warned – a good SEO solution is time consuming. No matter which SEO software or SEO service you will be using, it will take you at least a couple of months to get your website to top search engines ranking.

Your first step would have to be reading more about the subject – reading about meta tags optimization services, keyword services, back links methods and organic SEO and using free SEO services like SEO toolbars and online SEO software. Good luck.

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Dom DiGeronimo said...

Awesome Post: I would like to emphasis the word "time" here: Be VERY specific with your niche your trying to market or target. The more specific you are the less time it will take for the search engines to find you. If your niche is for example, "work from home", you have set yourself up, for a long uphill battle. Be prepared it will take some time to even be seen by the search engines never the less, listed in the Top 1000. If you are more specific, tweaking with the last example, "real legit work from home" your giving the search engines more to work with here & your chances to succeed in your niche increases ten fold. I hope this helps out.

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