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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Adsense: The 5-Step Plan to Success(Step 2.2) by Online Internet Business

Step 2:Ad Placement(Where should I place adsense ads on my pages?)

Figure below shows an "average" site's hot spots.The darker areas are the region where readers mostly look.But this is just an average.The result may vary from site to site.You will need to experiment to find the best places for you.


Obviously if you have a “most popular” area on your website, such as a page that is updated daily with some kind of material that people bookmark to revisit often, place your ad(s) there instead of somewhere else that may get less traffic. For many websites the home page is not actually the most accessed area. If you don’t know what the traffic pattern is on your sites, it’s easy to find out – ask your hosting provider about usage logs.

People usually spend most of their time on a site "above the fold".What is "above the fold"? Well for example, when you reach a website, the first thing you will do is to absorb as much information as possible before you start scrolling.The part of the page that they can see without scrolling is called "above the fold".So what can I do with "above the fold"?

That's where you want your ads! Google always puts the top-paying ads on the top and the lowest-paying ones at the bottom!

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